The Far West

Thanks to a near-ideal climate and growing conditions, Upland cotton grown in California (including the world famous SJV Acala) is generally considered the best Upland cotton in the world. In any given year, 90 percent of the crop is middling and better (Green Card Class color 31, leaf 3 and better) and Micronaire averages 3.8-4.2. If saw-ginned, staple length is 37 and longer with strength of 32 grams per tex (GPT) and higher. If roller-ginned, staple length is 39 and longer with strength of 33 GPT and higher. This fiber is ideal to produce finer count yarns where strength, consistency, and spinability are important. Upland cotton produced in Southern California and Arizona (C/A), as well as cotton produced in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area (Desert Southwest) also have exceptional fiber properties. As in California, these crops are 100% irrigated and spindle picked, providing superb quality year after year. In this part of the Far West, growers consistently produce crops of 75 to 80 percent class middling and better; average staple is 36; micronaire average 4.6 to 4.8; and GPT average is 28 and higher. This is an excellent option to produce carded and combed 30 or 40-count yarns.


Upland varieties in South and West Texas cover a wide range of qualities and compete head to head with the best Upland cottons in the world. The versatility of these crops allows us to offer fiber suitable for open-end and ring-spun uses. Generally speaking, new crop from South Texas is available for shipment as early as September, bridging the gap between the remains of old crop and the bulk of new crop, adding additional value to this exceptional fiber.


Our growers also produce Extra Long Staple Cotton (Pima). American Pima is the premier cotton fiber of the U.S. and widely known as one of the finest, if not the finest, cotton fiber in the world. Yarns most commonly produced with American Pima are 80-count to 100-count. Due to its consistency, quality, and availability, American Pima has positioned itself as the preferred ELS cotton worldwide. Historically, American Pima cotton averages 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches, micronaire 3.7-4.2, and strength from 38 to 40 GPT. Coupled with excellent grades, this fiber can be considered the most reliable supply of this type of cotton from year to year.