At Calcot’s March board meeting, directors approved a 100 point (1 cent) per pound premium to Calcot members who enroll their farm and certify their production in the US Cotton Trust Protocol for the 2024-25 crop.  Payments will be issued once all member bales have been certified.  Growers not currently enrolled in the program can contact their regional field manager or Kevin Madding, Asst VP for Western Region and Grower Sustainability Programs, at 661-978-3957.   Calcot’s board authorized the premium based on management’s recommendation to encourage member participation in the USCTP program.  Many cotton marketers, including Calcot, receive a small premium for USCTP cotton, and developing a critical mass of volume is essential for our organization to participate in these sales.  Additional enrollment also bolsters the USCTP program as a whole which gives mills, brands, and retailers confidence in the sustainability efforts of American cotton growers.  Growers can learn more and enroll in the program by visiting the website