Scholarships and Grants

The 2024 scholarship application process has begun. Read on to learn more about the Foundation, and visit the application page to apply. Thank you and good luck.

Each year, the Calcot-Seitz Foundation awards a substantial number of scholarships to promising students who are pursuing a career in agriculture. Historically, most scholarship recipients have received $4,000 over a three-year period, but more recently the Foundation has been awarding a greater number of scholarships at amounts ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. Typically, the Foundation awards roughly $42,000, divided amongst varying amounts.

G.L. "Sam" Seitz

Mr. G.L. “Sam” Seitz

To qualify for a Calcot-Seitz scholarship, students must be from a cotton-growing area of California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas, and studying for a degree in an agriculturally-related field from a four-year college or university.

Important note: due to restrictions in the original covenant with the Calcot-Seitz Foundation, students planning to study veterinary medicine as a career are not eligible for a scholarship. Any applications that indicate the student plans to be a veterinarian will be declined.

Potential recipients are screened for scholastic aptitude and performance, leadership potential, demonstrated capability and financial need. Winners are selected following personal interviews conducted by the Foundation’s scholarship committee. Awards may be given to high school seniors or college students who plan to continue their studies.

Three especially notable scholarships are awarded, including a pair of directors’ scholarships given to the top two applicants. Many of Calcot’s directors put their directorial stipend into the Calcot-Seitz Foundation to fund these special scholarships.

There is also a memorial scholarship, offered since 1980, in honor of Joe and Joyce Sheely. Named for an Arizona grower and former vice chairman of Calcot, Sheely and his wife were killed in an airplane accident in 1979. This scholarship is always awarded to a student from Arizona.


The Foundation also provides grants for scientific and economic research activities. Grants have been awarded to universities to fund an on-campus seed research lab, computer learning centers in agricultural business and economics departments, and a newswire center in an agricultural management department. The Foundation also provided the funding for a professorship in agricultural marketing at a leading California university known for its agricultural programs.