Applications are now available for the 2024 Calcot-Seitz Foundation Scholarships.

Students may apply online with interactive application forms, but forms must be printed and mailed.

They are in an interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader, applicants can fill them out before printing and mailing. They can also be downloaded, printed and filled out by hand.

First things first: most computer users probably already have Acrobat Reader (and we recommend at least version 9.0; the current version is Adobe Reader DC). You can get that from Adobe by visiting this link.

Download the forms

There are six pages to the form itself, and you’ll need three Recommendation forms. It’s a separate file that can be e-mailed to references, and it too is interactive (the recipient can fill it out online and print it out for mailing). Here is the complete form: 2024 Calcot-Seitz Scholarship Form. The recommendation form is here.

We recommend files be downloaded prior to completion. Depending upon the browser, the procedure varies, but it usually involves a right click with the mouse, and then a command such as ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to save the PDF.

Tip: to navigate around the form, use the TAB key, not the Enter key. It will automatically tab from field to field through the document. There are a couple of places (like a signature line, for example) where it may be preferable to print out the form prior to signing.

Typing in the form fields will automatically adjust and even format in some fields. (Typing a phone number, for example…type 3275961 and it will pop up as 327-5961).

If any mistakes or changes are warranted, just click the text and re-type. To easily move forward to the next field, use the TAB key. To return to the previous field, hold down Shift and TAB.

IMPORTANT! When the PDF file is closed, all information will be lost and the form will reset! So be sure to print the file prior to closing the document!

Any questions, feel free to email us at Good luck, and don’t forget the March 31 deadline!

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