Seasonal Pool

Take much of the guesswork out of cotton marketing. The Seasonal Pool is Calcot’s most popular and efficient program. This full-service program allows grower members to concentrate time and energy on business and family, leaving the burden of marketing to us.

  • Risk Minimization – conservative approach to minimize risk and give the best results
  • On Target – Calcot’s team keeps up with real-time prices and market effects every day
  • Saves Time – Calcot provides all cotton marketing tasks, freeing up more of your valuable time
  • Stay on Track – In-house marketing finds and acts on the best pricing and sales timing
  • Proceed Return – Getting you the highest average price possible for your cotton
  • Helps Cash Flow –Progress payments are made over the course of the season
  • No Commission Charges – Keep more of your money

Getting started with Calcot is easy. Contact your local field representative to find out which Calcot programs are best suited for you. Your Calcot field representative will then assist you with applying for membership. Once approved, your membership and marketing agreement will remain in effect on an ongoing basis unless negated by the grower during the annual sign out period. Get all of the benefits Calcot has to offer, with the ease of personal, professional service. Contact your local field representative to get started.