Warehousing Services

Cotton should be stored in appropriate warehousing to preserve its quality and value, and Calcot operates three warehousing locations that do just that. Unlike many cotton marketers, Calcot owns its warehousing facilities. Over 600,000 bales can be quickly and safely stored to protect grower’s cotton, maximizing value for our owners as well as cotton buyers.

Owning the warehouses means Calcot has full control over shipping and fulfilling sales. Our warehouses are operated as a key part of the cotton marketing chain, and multi-function warehouse teams efficiently move bales through facilities at the lowest possible cost, while responding to the needs of customers in a rapidly changing market environment.

Calcot warehousing practices in many ways set a benchmark within the cotton industry. Through rapid assimilation and utilization of innovative technologies, Calcot is able to ship cotton faster than anyone, anywhere in the world.

Calcot not only stores cotton for members but will contract with outside marketers to store nonmember’s cotton. More information on tare and locations is on the tabs in this section.

Shipping Operations

As an innovator in shipping methods, Calcot works directly with rail, steamship, and trucking lines to find the most reliable shipping services at the least expensive rates. To lessen transit times and reduce freight costs, Calcot was the first U.S. cotton shipper to utilize containers for overseas shipment, which has become the industry standard. By virtue of its volume and locations, Calcot is also able to negotiate very favorable trucking and shipping rates.

Our warehouse locations in the Far West offer excellent access to ocean shipping, and make them a prime location for export markets. The world-class shipping ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are less than three hours by road from our Bakersfield Warehouse, and only a day’s drive from our Glendale (Ariz.) Warehouse.

While most Calcot cotton is shipped through the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach, San Francisco/Oakland shipping ports are also available for shipments. Calcot’s warehouse facility in Texas is well positioned to ship cotton via the Gulf of Mexico. Calcot’s warehousing locations, proximity to ports, and ownership of facilities mean Calcot has full control over shipping schedules, loading and delivery.